A quick test for fun don't mind me

Why are you here?

I'm making this while I'm on a break in online class

Welcome! I don't know why you're here but heyo!Check out this video on my channel if you're interested in Danganronpa gacha fan serieses! The image below is my watermark!

My interests

I have no clue of what I'm doing at the moment, I'll probably add more to this website in the future

Heyo! Here to update the site again, and I'm doing this in my break in online class again. I'm still new to making these sites, but I'll try to make more in the future. My personal favourite site is the incorrect quotes generator site by ScatterPatter, please check that site out! Aight I'll update this further later, Baii! ^-^

Aight I'm back! I just made a new site with the title "Don't mind me just simping", you can check it out if you want ^^ I've been listening to my playlist on repeat in online class and it honestly makes it feel like time passes more quickly, it reaaly helps a lot for classes that are very boring, but of course, I still pay attention! I'll go back to whatever I was doing in lunch time now, Baii! ^-^